Adoption law is technical, and you need an experienced lawyer who understands it and can navigate you safely through the adoption of your child. We will help you complete your adoption as quickly as the law permits. Adoptions arranged independently or through an agency, relative, or stepparent, or the domestication of a foreign adoption, are securely and sensitively handled.

For more than thirty years, Hartley, Rowe & Fowler has handled adoptions in the metro Atlanta and West Georgia area. We routinely handle adoptions of children placed with foster parents by local Department of Family and Children’s Services agencies. We also handle independent adoptions, guiding adopting parents through the tense time prior to the birth of their child, handling the transfer of the baby at the hospital, obtaining birth parent surrenders, and petitioning the court for a decree of adoption. If your new spouse wishes to adopt your child, we can guide the two of you through the process. Bringing your new child home from China, Russia or another foreign country poses no problem, because we are well versed in domesticating foreign adoptions. Whatever your adoption needs, we have addressed these same issues before, and we will guide you every step of the way.

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